Gagigyet Sayt K' ÜÜl (All One People) Affirmation Ceremonies






My Cycle of Life is perfect, whole and complete. There is a time of beginning, a time of growth, a time of being, a time of withering or wearing out, and a time of leaving.

I accept these circles and rhythms as normal, after all, there is only a constant cycling and recycling of substance, sacredness and  experience. I hear the important messages of the original
txaalpxa'on ts'űűbaask (four strong winds) that help shape Noo Halidzoks' (Mother Earth's) world.

Just as
Tsi'itsamti (Thunderbird) brings changes, life is never static or stale, for each moment is new and fresh. An ending is a new point of beginning. There is always time, in other words, to right wrongs, or change directions.

I am flexible and flowing and at peace with the natural order of things. I trust in the power of that which is great than myself to protect me at all times and under all circumstances. I am empowered by all that is sacred, to live my life with meaning, mindfulness and kindness.

Painting: "Mother Earth", by Shannon Thunderbird







--Marriage (including Same Sex)




--Renewal of Vows

--Passage of Time


We are First Nations practitioners who would be honoured to bring our time-tested knowledge and celebrations to your event. Our ceremonies are dignified celebrations that are meaningful, inclusive, equal and uplifting.


We value cultural and human diversity; we care for each other; we believe that all people have the basic human right to find their balance and contentment in their own way.


Ceremonies can be tailored to your needs, our goal is to simply make it the best it can be, either spiritually based or non-religious. What is important is that we bring music, drums, affirmations, poetry, teachings, dance to your special occasion. You and your guests will be excited at what we can do to make your event the stuff of wonderful memories!







We have conducted many opening and closing sweetgrass ceremonies over the years.

1.  Conferences, Conventions, Human Resources, Business/Corporate, Educational (Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary institutions), Provincial and Federal Government including a Toronto visit from a previous Governor General of Canada.

2.  Festivals and Media Relations, including an on-
air opening ceremony with Andy Barry for the CBC Radio building on Front Street, in Toronto, ON.

Sweetgrass Ceremonies are wonderfully adaptable and can be designed for whatever the event requires.






 "When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they're seeing angels." (A.E. Freeman)

Joy, wonder, delight and challenges are all part of bringing a new baby into your family. Our ceremony is a celebration of new life, and new beginnings for the child, parent and your family.


Traditional teachings tell us that babies are sacred gifts that bring teachings from the old ones, and are symbolic of the continuation of life. A birth in a community is a blessed event and is celebrated by everyone.


Teya Peya's Birth Ceremony is a welcoming time. In other words, wee child, we are glad you are here, because this is where you belong.



"Certain things, or people catch your eye; pursue only that which captures your heart."

Our marriage or union ceremonies can be casual or quite formal, but they are always celebrated with feasting, drums, songs and general merrymaking.

The ceremony speaks to the wise and loving conducting of both individual life and as a pair, with dignity, respect and honour. 

Always present, are fire (male), water (female), drums (hand drums and/or big drums), vocals, wedding basket, wedding blankets and feast.


Photos: Presiding at the marriage of Sandy Horne and Jeff Carter. 


When a loved one has finished her/his life and gone to his/her well-earned day of quiet beyond the white veil, the Cycle of Life becomes perfect, whole and complete.


We are centred in truth and live in joy. This is Deer medicine; we choose to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of those who are in pain as a result of their loss.


Tsimshian Knowledge:

The time of transition has already passed for our loved one. Let it be known that she made the trip to Halaayt (Great Spirit) singing, "It is finished in beauty. It is finished in beauty."


We do not call it death, for death has a finality about it, whereas "Transition" is endless with endless possibilities.



We have had the privilege over the years to offer ceremonies that celebrate dedications to schools, buildings, events such as festivals, conferences. They are uplifting, and enervating.


Whatever your Native or Non-Native event is, we can create a wonderful ceremony/event full of love, life, and yes laughter, that fulfills your requirements and offers lasting memories.