“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” 
(B.B. King)

DMTHS is Endorsed by Teya Peya Productions

DMTHS -- Is What you Need to Succeed

Dickson Mentoring, Tutoring and Homework services (DMTHS) is a leading provider of academic support for students. DMTHS offers top score mentoring services to help you realize your inner genius. Realistic levels of excellence are established and maintained. 

DMTHS is committed to assisting each person to reach his or her desired life goal(s) by finding the best fit for your individual learning style which includes: 

Individual or Small Group (2-5 people), In-Home Tutoring across the Ontario curriculum, Organization, Time Management and Study Skills.

  • GRADES 6-8: Elementary curriculum.

  • Grades 9-12: English, Dramatic Arts (including individual coaching), Geography, History, Native Studies, Social Studies, World Religions.

  • UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: English (including Technical Writing), History, Humanities, Native Studies, Philosophy, all Social Sciences,  Theatre Programs including acting coaching & audition preparation.

  • ADULTS: GED Tutoring, Improve literacy and the art of conversation.

  • SATURDAY MORNING HOMEWORK GROUPS: Bring your homework. Lets figure out what needs to be done and how to get started. 2-6 students.

  • MENTORING: Guidance in increasing self-esteem to help build realistic educational objectives and find the joy in life-long learning.

  • FIRST NATIONS: Kate Dickson is also a First Nations Traditional Teacher, and provides First Nations Cultural Enhancement and Recovery.   

    For more information and rates, call:

(416) 523-9630

Email: katecdickson@gmail.com




  • Retired thirty-year year veteran of the teaching profession in two Ontario accredited Toronto private high schools, as well as two Community Colleges. 

  • Teacher, Vice-Principal (student liaison), Guidance Counsellor.

  • Responsible for hiring, training and monitoring teachers; supervision of support staff; professional development; financial considerations; recruitment and marketing; a myriad of other jobs as they arose and taught courses each semester (the list of courses is on my resume).


  Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Some students who only needed basic organizational structure to others who had major setbacks and challenges in education, to those in gifted programs, but who needed motivational coaching. One of my specialities is working with academic special needs, behavioural high risk young adults.


 I teach young people how to identify what they need to succeed and then set practical ways to go about achieving it. We do this by finding the courage to frame the questions that make answers possible. What is vital to the end result is that young people learn how to appreciate their capabilities that lie within and remain willing to allow them to be realized. We set goals (daily, short-term and long-term) and reach them.  We set the bar high but not so high that students cannot reach it.


 My personal goal in mentoring young people is to help them through the murky waters of their teenage years. I provide a safe and nurturing environment where I can be a sounding board for my young clients.  I take the fear out of learning by teaching skills in time management, organization, motivation, and organization.

  • I help teens create innovative good life skills which have a lasting effect as they enter into young adulthood.

  • Finding their voices which includes exploring ideas that shape a positive future.

  • They have a right to lighten up.

  • Assertiveness training - Say "No" and mean it.

  • Figuring out the tricky laws of the mind by conquering self-limiting thoughts.

  • Setting realistic goals and expectations.


I am also Coast Tsimshian, First Nations (Reserve: Lak'Kwaalam, Northern British Columbia). Indeed, one of my high school flagship courses was a grade 13 Native Studies course I designed in 1994 and taught successfully for many years and then revamped it when grade 12 became Ontario's final high school year.  I mention this because the course is not only academically situated, but I am also a traditional teacher and offer cultural/spiritual knowledge that anchors the material.


Over the years, I have not only worked with many  people from all backgrounds and levels of academic attainment (including Adults), I volunteer in the community to broaden peoples’ thinking regarding diversity. It has been a privilege and joy for me to be involved with Teya Peya Productions for so many years because of the vital work it does in bringing people of all ages, economies and cultural affiliations together.

"Kate Dickson has been transforming the lives of Canada's youth for nearly thirty years. She is a skilled motivator, and engages in "teen speak" with ease. She creates a safe, warm environment for young people to relax and allow the free flow of their thoughts and concerns.  Her innate talent can't be learned, it is an intrinsic gift. I am honoured to have her as part of the Teya Peya Productions team of skilled life workshop facilitators."  
(S. Thunderbird, Teya Peya Productions)




  • Academic Researcher on First Nations historical and contemporary issues.

  • Writer/Playwright: Essays, Short Stories, Children's Stories and Plays (i.e., Cinderella, Murder at the Comedy Club Dinner Theatre, Remembrance Day).

  • Chief Editor of the books by Coast Tsimshian First Nations Author, Shannon Thunderbird.

  • Member of the Thunderbird Native Theatre.

  • Marketer, Recruiter.

  • Writer of Academic Course Curricula

  • Life Coach and Tutor for young adults.

  • Current Police Check/Vulnerable Sector Check.




Kate has the ability to "think outside the box" and is able to achieve totally remarkable results with the students in her classes. She is an excellent tutor, teacher, counsellor, motivator and can navigate very difficult situations with tremendous ease and resiliency. She consistently and patiently inspires students to move beyond their "comfort zones" and in so doing, she makes learning a "fun experience." My son truly benefited from her devotion, her wisdom, her superb teaching skills, her confidence in his ability even when he doubted himself, and her faith and commitment in the belief that all students are able to learn and move beyond their limitations, if given the right kind of support." (A. Rosenblum)


"During the time that Kate was my teacher, she was not only meticulous and organized in creating lesson plans, but also outwardly passionate about the work she did and the lessons she taught. She not only ensured that her students learned what was required of the curriculum, but also what was necessary for them to become well-rounded adults and contributing members of society.


Kate had an eye for when someone was having some trouble at home or socially, and while she would never push the student to feel pressured to talk about it, she would let them know that they could talk to her at any time. Several of my friends from the school and I acted upon that consideration, and she was supportive and helpful at our respective low points. When I needed someone to talk through my university options, I went to Kate.

Kate’s determination to go above and beyond carried over to my schoolwork. When I wanted to channel some of my creativity into my schoolwork, she had me co-direct our school play, and allowed me to work towards a final project for Aboriginal Studies that was musically centred. Those opportunities helped shape my educational experience and were the best part of attending Toronto New School. When she saw that I was passionate about First Nations issues, she allowed me to finish my volunteer hours with her and her sister, and even kept me on after the school year was finished as an occasional volunteer."
(Stefan Alexander (Sam) Treurnicht Naylor)


"Dear Kate, I would like to thank you for a wonderful first semester in English. I feel it would also be appropriate to thank you for welcoming me into your office that first week of school when I most definitely lack confidence. You are a wonder, passionate teacher and I am honoured that I got to be your student" (A. P. M.)


"My son, Sam...became a student of Kate Dickson in two courses: 12 English and 12 Aboriginal Governance: Emerging Directions.  Kate displayed an extraordinary ability to make a solid connection with him, something that was essential where the cultivation of a relationship of trust and a sense of humour is the key to ensuring student success.

Kate understands deeply the concerns of youth today and, as such, brings a fair-minded, warm, creative and funny approach which immediately engages their hearts and minds.

Sam became very engaged in the content of the Native Studies course and not only participated in ceremonies but also became an advocate for Native social justice through Kate’s careful and balanced approach to the First Nations situation in Canada, which allowed students to understand the truth of the issues. 

Kate possesses the sensitivity to aid students who experience difficulties, and the creativity to motivate students to reach their potential.  Her focus on improving students’ written expression led her to organize grammar workshops, coaching sessions for research and essay writing techniques along with individual tutorial sessions.

We turned to Kate for guidance, when Sam was experiencing difficulties staying focused; she was able to reach Sam on a variety of levels to get him back to class, functioning at his capacity and indeed, he graduated as an Ontario Scholar.

Sam calls Kate “his mentor and friend” as she has continued to take an interest in his life.  She encouraged his post-secondary pursuits and assisted him in discovering programs and institutions that would best serve his talents."

 Ilse Treurnicht
MaRS Innovation

(Teya Peya refers to her as the "Goddess of Ceremonies"!)


Thunderbird Native Theatre Performance - National Culture Days 2013.


Thunderbird Native Theatre, Grand Entry and Performance - National Culture Days 2012


From Left: (A) Getting reading for Closing Ceremony at World Congress of Medical Physical Biomedical Engineering, Metro Convention Centre. (B)  Kate & Shannon invited guests to be part of the Lt. Governor of Ontario's 'Human" 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag. (C) Narrator and participating in Grand Entry and Roberta  Bondar PS;